Podcast 42 #15: Lobster Skate Board


On Today’s Show:

Featured Beer:

Asahi Brewing



We taste all sorts of foods that we picked up from the Asian Market, Epcot, and Target. Including Fish Chips, Bar-B-Que Squid, and Eyeball Drink. We Also Play “Who Would Be What Pokemon Game?”

Videos Referenced In This Show:

Turning Japanese By The Vapors 

Chia Pet

Transformers Theme

The Shrimp Basket

Mr Donut

Mochi Commercial

Pocky Commercial

Foods Tasted In This Episode:

Lobster Cracker

White Sesame Candy





Squid Snacks



Prawn Crackers










Dried Red Prune

Fish Noodle?









Pickled Star Gooseberry

Robot Mango Drink?









Lod Chong Pasta Drink?

Tiny Eye Ball Water With Basil?









This one didn’t make it into the schedule.

Rice Candy – suck it James










Mochi or boob implants

Shrimp Chips









Mochi Ice Cream- Red Bean and Green Tea

Lychee Gummy Candies










Cookies And Cream Pocky









Podcast 42 is your supplement to The Over The Line Show. Join Chris, JL, James, and Nicole as they talk about beer, movies, games, television, food, sports, and anything else that comes to mind on a Wednesday at 10pm.

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Opening and Closing Music Curiosity of Bensound.net 

Beer Is Good by Psychostick

I Did My Homework by Mr. Q-U-E

Microsoft Windows error Dance by Tech Sensei








About Christopher De Voss

One Of The Hosts Of Podcast 42. Voice over actor, writer on various websites, published author, should not eat cheese but still does. Follow me on twitter: @chrisdevoss
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