Over the Line Show #49 Gay Cakes


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Classy Fortnights, What Irish Houses Look Like, Jack’s Excellent Driving Record Except When Elton John Is Involved, Celebrity Price Is Right, Canceled TV Shows, New TV Shows, The Odd Couple, Celebrity Deaths, Conan O’Brien Vs The Hallmark Channel, Always Start With The Ls, Best Casual Restaurants Continue reading “Over the Line Show #49 Gay Cakes”

Cream Puff Eating Contest

The boys are not feeling well this week, so here is a blast from the past. Joe enters a cream puff contest…and well…stuff happens.




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Over the Line Show #48 The House Of Mugglestone


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Guest Dog Etiquette, Captain America Civil War Review, No Interest in The Good Wife, The Ultimate Beastmaster, Killing Reagan Movie, Monday Night Football News, What Ever Happened To Baby Jane, Popular Baby Names, Kaitlyn Jenner Nude, KFC Has Something New in Hong Kong, Sharon and Ozzie Split, Sinead vs Arsenio, Justin Bieber

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Over the Line Show #47 Preservatives Are Not Fun


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The Whistle Tips,  Butter Burgers, Environmentally Sound Buddy Boy, Worst McDonalds Commercial Ever, Ted Cruz Picks A Running Mate, Carly Forina Puts Together A Hell Of A Power Point, Best Political Falls, Daytime Emmy Awards, Kelly Ripa Walks Out, The Match Game Is Coming Back, May the 4th Be With You

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