Over the Line Show #38 The Pre-Clip Show


On Today’s Show:

The Rule of the Clip Show, Three’s Company Lyrics Dissected, Antonin Scalia, American Government 101, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz Can’t Speak Spanish, Man Skips Work For Six Years, Full Frontal, Kevin Smith

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One thought on “Over the Line Show #38 The Pre-Clip Show

  1. I’m glad that you brought up the refusal of Republicans to do their job in the Senate. These Republicans also think that stalling will give them the rulings they want one current cases regarding States rights to limit abortion.


    The Supreme Court proved them wrong today.

    Given the neo confederate sensibility of the senate it is safe to say that they are playing a confederate game of ‘nullifying’ laws that they don’t like.

    The President has an obligation to nominate and the Senate has an Obligation to give advise and consent.

    Those Senators who are also charged with protecting and defending the Constitution have violated their oath and should be impeached.


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