Over the Line Show #42 Ranking Superman


On Today’s Show:

Arby’s: It’s Fine, The Quesalupa Loss, March Madness Brackets, North Carolina Does Not Mess Around With Late Movie Rentals, Batman Vs Superman, Superman Vs Star Trek, Superman Vs Clark Kent, Rob Ford, Garry Shandling, The Most Binged Girl Scout Cookies, Email Sign Off Etiquette

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Sour Cream

The show is off this week, so we thought we would present this little clip from a previous episode. In it Joe talks about his trip to the grocery store…which is normal for most, but unusual for Joe.



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Over the Line Show #41 The Best March Madness Picks


On Today’s Show:

The Reverse Rose, Jack’s Daughter Picks His March Madness Brackets, The Lottery Brag, Joe Makes Out For Daylight Savings Time, Carpool Karaoke, Little Big Shot, The Newlywed Game and Butt Sex, Richard Simmons Won’t Come Out Of His House, The Ghostbusters International Trailer, The Tick

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Over the Line Show #40 The Continuous 48


On Today’s Show:

Let Them Eat Cake, Marco Rubio, The Size of Donald Trump’s Hands, Cory Booker, Politics on Facebook, Nancy Reagan, The History of Email, The Racist Ghostbusters Reboot, Disney XD, Fuller House of Cards, Erin Andrews, Iggy Pop Nude, Banksy

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