A Brief History Of The Over The Line Show



Welcome to the home of The Over The Line Show. This is the podcast of two life long friends:






Jack and Joe met a long time ago. We will not bore you with the details, but it did involve a 7/11 Gas Station, a runaway camel, and 3 backup dancers from the Guy Lombardo tribute band. Over the next several years, as they grew from smallish gentlemen into biggish gentlemen they would harness the powers of opinion forming. They would nurture this new found power and practice in their┬ábasements night and day. There they learned to form opinions on barn swallows, cheesesticks, beers, politics, dog grooming accessories, best time of day to drink a smoothie, TV shows, TV show producers, Will Smith movies, music, comic books, hair gel, in-seams, funniest World”s Funniest Video hosts, and many more subjects.

Jack and Joe have emerged from the basement to unleash their opinions onto a hungry and willing audience called the internet in a new form of communication called a podcast.

Ok, correction…in an old form of communication called a podcast, but podcasts are finally cool.

And this podcast has two cool hosts.

Welcome to….

The Over The Line Show

with jack and joe.